We carry out all tasks entrusted to us using specialised equipment. What we offer is addressed to both companies as well as individual clients.

We perform earthworks as part of large and smaller investments.

All works are conducted professionally, on time and with scrupulous attention to detail.


We have many years of experience and the proper equipment to carry out various projects. We carry out excavations for foundations, industrial and storage facilities as well as building connections. We have construction equipment that allows us to perform the contracted work reliably and punctually. Our operators have extensive experience and the necessary qualifications to carry out work at the highest level.

Earthworks are the initial stage of a construction investment. The work carried out in this scope is very important for the success of the entire implementation.

Being aware of this, we make every effort to ensure that the work we carry out is the best introduction to construction or renovation.


As part of earthworks, we carry out levelling of the ground and provide water, sewage and gas connections. All earthworks are carried out in accordance with the requisite safety requirements. We strive to continually improve the quality of services provided along with the participation of our investors.

What we offer in terms of comprehensive implementation of earthworks includes, among others:

  • excavations and earthworks,
  • excavations for foundations,
  • hardening the surfaces of construction sites,
  • land profiling,
  • other earthwork activities.


Reinforced concrete structures

Demolition work

HVAC installations

Sanitary installations

External networks and connections buildings

Thermal efficiency improvement of buildings

Finishing works

Renovation and modernisation works